Download the relevant forms for applicant’s registration, approval of work experience, transcription of diplomas, duplicates of diplomas and issue of stamp plates to minimize processing time.

• ANB registration for course participants
• Document for approval of working experience
• Application form for transcription of diploma in regards to change of name, retrospective entry of academic degree, etc.
• Application form for issue of a duplicate (e.g. after loss)
• Application form for issue of an IIW diploma for holders of EWF diplomas as an additional diploma
• Application for issue of an IIW or EWF stamp plate: if you are already in charge of welding or bonding supervision and signing documents in direct connection acc. EN 14731/DIN 2304 or DVS 3311, you can use the official registered IIW/EWF-stamp, which is only available at ANB Austria - SZA.

Appeals and complaints: Every single person or organization feeling maltreated has the right to appeal. Appeals and complaints have to be submitted to in written form within 4 weeks of the incident regarding e.g. decisions concerning admittance to courses or exams, exams and their results or lectures and Examiners. If clarification is not possible by the CE, the case will be submitted to the Appeals Panel.